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  • Spypoint Force Pro looduskaamera

    • Tootja: Spypoint
    • Mudel: 680604
    • Saadavus: 1 - 2 nädalat
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Tehnilised andmed
    LEDs: 54
    Aku tüüp: 8 AA leelispatareid (ei kuulu komplekti)
    LEDide lainepikkus: Nähtamatu
    Tuvastamise ulatus: 34 m
    Eemaldatav salvestusseade: SD, SDHC (≤ 128 GB)
    Anduri käivitumise aeg: 0,2 s
    Ekraani suurus: 1.5"
    Foto ja video omadused
    Resolutsioon foto (pixel): 30 MP
    Sarivõte: Kuni 6 pilti tuvastamise kohta
    Video resolutsioon: HD (4k)
    Video pikkus: 10, 20, 30, 60sec
    Operational characteristics
    Talitluspinge (V): DC 12V
    Mõõdud, (mm): 98 x 69 x 127
    Garantii: 2 aastat
    Komplektis olev lisavarustus
    Paigaldusrihm: Jah
    USB-kaabel: Jah
    Kasutusjuhend: Jah
    SD-mälukaart: 16 GB

    The FORCE-PRO from SPYPOINT delivers quality never before thought possible in a trail camera. Still images are delivered in 30MP resolution, so every detail is available for your scrutiny. Similarly, video can be captured in 4K mode, delivering images so clear you would think you were in the woods seeing them in real-time.

    The FORCE-PRO isn’t just taking pretty pictures. It’s a workhorse trail camera, with all the features you need, like the fast 0.2-second trigger speed. At less than a quarter second, fewer animals will be missed than with other cameras whose trigger speeds are closer to a full second. Not only that, but with a detection range out to 110’, more animals are in range to be captured anyway.
    • 30MP still photos
    • 4K video mode
    • 0.2-second trigger speed
    • 110’ detection range

    The FORCE-PRO is a serious camera for hunters that are obsessed with the details. Photo resolution is
    just the beginning, as every features of the FORCE-PRO puts the advantage in the hunter’s favor, so
    when season arrives you’re informed, ready, and have the details you need to put your season’s plan
    into action.


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