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  • University of Oxford laste mikroskoop, mis on kantud kott

    • Tootja: Bresser
    • Mudel: 9203300
    • Saadavus: Läbi müüdud
    Garantija 2 gadi


    Toode on hetkel laost otsas, kuid võtke meiega julgelt ühendust, et saada infot täpse saatmise kuupäeva kohta!

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    This UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD children’s microscope set allows you to view the small wonders of nature. Start your journey into the microcosmos: simply unpack the microscope and take your first peek! The set comes with 1 permanent specimen and 4 pre-prepared textile samples, allowing you to use the microscope straight away. You can choose between 100x, 600x and 1200x zoom. Each zoom level reveals an entirely new world. Have you always wanted to know what your hair, a bird’s feather or an onion skin looks like in detail? No problem: With specimen slides, cover glasses, a pipette and many more great accessories, you can prepare your samples yourself with ease.

    Built-in light for illumination

    Nothing is visible without light. With this children’s microscope, your sample is illuminated from below with an LED. This type of microscope is therefore known as a transmitted light microscope. Important: Your samples must be very thin or transparent to ensure that the light can travel through the specimen to your eye. If the LED batteries are empty, you can do things the traditional way: in good lighting conditions, turn the mirror until the reflected light illuminates your samples, just like scientists used to do! The microscope also comes with a range of colour filters that allow you to discover your objects in a new light. The contrast and depth of field can be adjusted with the various apertures. The microscope also features a robust metal stand to ensure that everything remains stable during your investigations. And for even more fun, you can pack your microscope in the sturdy carry case and take it to your friend’s home to marvel at your discoveries!

    View things from a different perspective with this children’s microscope set and discover the stunning details of the microcosmos!


    • Children’s microscope with up to 1200x magnification
    • Ready for immediate use thanks to wide range of accessories
    • Includes 4 textile samples and 1 permanent specimen
    • 3 magnification levels: 100x, 600x, 1200x
    • Carry case for easy transport (included with set)
    • Illumination via mirror or LED (batteries included)
    • Colour filter wheel
    • Metal stand


    • Microscope with up to 1200x magnification
    • 1x Slide
    • 12x Cover glass
    • 12x Cover film
    • 14x Labels
    • 1x Pre-prepared specimen
    • 1x Textile sample (4 different fibres)
    • 2x Sample holders
    • 1x lens (3x magnification)
    • 1x Stirring rod
    • 1x Cylinder
    • 1x Pipette
    • 2x LR41 batteries
    • Carry case


    Optilised näitajad
    Optiline disain: Monokkel
    Suurendus: 100 - 1200 x
    Valgustus: Altvalgustus
    Mõõdud, (mm): 100 x 60 x 190
    Värv Sinine
    Garantii: 2 aastat
    Komplektis olev lisavarustus
    Slaidi: Jah
    Kohver: Jah
    Kasutusjuhend: Jah
    Hobi – amatöör: Jah
    Bioloogia: Jah
    Haridus Jah
    Lapsed: Jah
    Algajatele: Jah
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