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Sky-Watcher Startravel-80T (OTA) 3.1” teleskoop

Sky-Watcher Startravel-80T, 80mm (3.1") f/400 Short-Tube Achromatic Refractor Optical Tube Assembly...

130.00€ Maksudeta: 107.44€

Sky-Watcher Skymax-90 (OTA) teleskoop

This telescope is an ideal companion on trips and, as well as being an astronomical t..

180.00€ Maksudeta: 148.76€

Sky-Watcher Explorer-130PDS (OTA) teleskoop

This telescope is a good starting point for new amateur astronomers. With 30% more light gather..

255.00€ Maksudeta: 210.74€

Sky-Watcher Skymax-102 (OTA) teleskoop

This Travelmax has a diameter of 102mm, a focal length of 1300mm and thus, an aperture ratio of 12,7..

264.00€ Maksudeta: 218.18€

Sky-Watcher Startravel-102T (OTA) 4” teleskoop

Ideal for Daytime Terrestrial Observations as well as Deep-Sky Astronomical Use.Sky-Watcher STARTRAV..

283.30€ Maksudeta: 234.13€

Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P F/750 (OTA) teleskoop

The powerful parabolic Newtonian Explorer 150 P is a very good telescope for the advanced beginner a..

284.00€ Maksudeta: 234.71€

Sky-Watcher Explorer-150PL F/1200 (OTA) teleskoop

The Sky-Watcher EXPLORER-150 PL is a fantastic choice for intermediate astronomers and also the seri..

284.00€ Maksudeta: 234.71€

Sky-Watcher Startravel-120T (OTA) 4.75" teleskoop

Sky-Watcher STARTRAVEL telescopes are two-element, air-spaced achromatic refractors, ..

315.00€ Maksudeta: 260.33€

Sky-Watcher Explorer-150PDS (OTA) teleskoop

N 150/750 telescope: This versatile Newtonian reflecting telescope provides both begi..

335.00€ Maksudeta: 276.86€

Sky-Watcher Evostar-120 (OTA) 4.75" teleskoop

An amateur telescope with the classical measurements 102 mm aperture with a focal length of 1000 mm...

390.00€ Maksudeta: 322.31€

Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 (OTA) teleskoop

This telescope is already a very compact and powerful telescope for planetary and deep sk..

394.00€ Maksudeta: 325.62€

Sky-Watcher Explorer-200P F/1000 (OTA) teleskoop

With a 200 mm aperture, this telescope opens up new details in deep sky observing for..

404.00€ Maksudeta: 333.88€

Sky-Watcher Explorer-200PDS (OTA) teleskoop

The award-winning Sky-Watcher EXPLORER-200P is a fantastic choice for intermediate-to-adva..

510.00€ Maksudeta: 421.49€

Sky-Watcher Explorer-250PDS (OTA) teleskoop

Sky-Watcher Explorer - 250PDS Newtonian Reflector incorporates the same superb mirror-set as th..

619.00€ Maksudeta: 511.57€

Sky-Watcher Quattro-8S f/4 200mm (OTA) teleskoop

The new Sky-Watcher Quattro-8S Steel Tube with the fast f/4 focal ratio, have be..

620.00€ Maksudeta: 512.40€

Sky-Watcher Evostar-80ED DS-PRO 3.1" (OTA) teleskoop

The new EVOSTAR DS-PRO Series ED Apochromatic refractors in their stunning Black-Diamond l..

659.00€ Maksudeta: 544.63€

Sky-Watcher Startravel-150 (OTA) 6" teleskoop

Sky-Watcher STARTRAVEL telescopes are two-element, air-spaced achromatic refractors, that ..

660.00€ Maksudeta: 545.45€

Sky-Watcher Evostar-150 (OTA) 6" teleskoop

This refractor provides powerful optics and high resolution for detailed planeta..

799.00€ Maksudeta: 660.33€

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