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  • Reolink Go PT 4G LTE Plus kaamera

    • Tootja: Reolink
    • Saadavus: Laos
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Tehnilised andmed
    PIR-kauguse tuvastamine: Reguleeritav kuni 10m
    Helisignaal: Kohandatud suulised teated
    PIR-tuvastusnurk: 120° Horisontaalne
    Muud hoiatused: Kiired e-posti teated ja tõukemärguanded
    Eemaldatav salvestusseade: SD, SDHC (≤ 128 GB)
    Sageduse ulatus: LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20, WCDMA: B1/B5/B8
    Foto ja video omadused
    Pildiandur: 1/3" CMOS
    Panoraam / kallutusnurk: Horisontaalne: 355°, vertikaalne: 140°
    Digitaalne suum: 16x
    Vaateväli kaugusel: Fikseeritud objektiiv, horisontaalne: 95°, vertikaalne: 57°, 115° diagonaal
    Öine nägemine: Kuni 10m
    Video resolutsioon: 2560 x 1440 (4.0 MP) @15 fps
    Videoformaat: H.265
    Audio recording (video): Kvaliteetne kõlar ja mikrofon
    Operational characteristics
    Capacity (mAh): 6000
    Kaitseaste (IP kood): IP64
    Aku tüüp (V): 5V/2A USB
    Töötemperatuur (°C) -10 ... +55
    Mõõdud, (mm): 98 x 49 x 122
    Kaal (kg): 0.485
    Garantii: 2 aastat
    Komplektis olev lisavarustus
    USB-kaabel: Jah
    Kasutusjuhend: Jah
    SD-mälukaart: Jah

    No Power Connection? No WiFi?
    Go PT Plus Is Always Available with 4G Network
    Reolink Go PT Plus supports 3G/4G LTE cellular network and 355° pan & 140° tilt. It also has a higher resolution of 2K 4MP Super HD and more intelligent person/vehicle detection.
    Where WiFi and electricity are not available, Reolink Go PT Plus is always available and offers simple, secure and flexible monitoring. Tangled cables are a thing of the past!

    Smart Detection: Less Is More
    The camera analyzes the shapes of persons and vehicles. You can set it to detect humans’ and vehicles’ movements only, sparing yourself the unneccessary alarms.

    Two-Way Audio: Sounds Matter
    More than audio recording. Real-time communication can be achieved via the built-in microphone and speaker. Listen and talk back in real time!

    Sees Clearer & Covers More
    With 2K 4MP resolution, the camera captures clear images and videos with great details. It can also pan 355° and tilt 140° to cover larger monitoring area.

    Night Vision: It Sees in the Dark
    With 6 IR LEDs, the camera records with great details even in poor lighting conditions. Enjoy a carefree night now!

    Battery or Solar-Powered
    Eco-Friendly & Cost-Saving

    Rechargeable Battery
    Frequent charges? No need. Reolink Go PT Plus is equipped with a long-lasting battery with a long run time between charges.

    Solar Powered
    The camera can be connected to Reolink solar panel via a USB cable. Non-stop solar power means non-stop protection!

    Time Lapse: Shorten Your Video
    With the time-lapse function, you can use the camera to record the scenes of sunsetting, flower blooming, building process, etc. in seconds or minutes.

    Storage Option(s)
    You can save your recordings locally to Micro SD card (up to 128GB). If you are worried about losing the storage devices, you can choose to store events in Reolink Cloud.

    Waterproof Design
    This waterproof sturdy camera is designed for harsh environments. It works perfectly both inside and outside your home.

    Smart Real-Time Alert
    Get alerted when the camera senses the movement. You can configure when you want to turn on notifications - all the time or on a specific schedule.

    Live View & Playback
    Via free Reolink App or Client, you can click to check what’s going on with your home or business, and respond instantly; search the videos you saved, pinpoint which you want to review, and play it back.

    Focus on What Matters Most
    You can customize the motion zone to your like, deciding where objects’ movements will be detected and where they will not.



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