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  • Celestron Granite ED 12x50 binokulaarne

    • Tootja: Celestron
    • Mudel: 821306
    • Saadavus: Läbi müüdud
    Garantija 2 gadi


    Toode on hetkel laost otsas, kuid võtke meiega julgelt ühendust, et saada infot täpse saatmise kuupäeva kohta!

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    Celestron Granite Series Roof Prism Binoculars are the pinnacle of optical and mechanical design. They stand up well against the much more expensive European and higher end Japanese manufactured binoculars at a fraction of their cost - a real value!




    Celestron Granite ED Series Roof Prism Binoculars represent the core values of rock solid binocular design, ultra-high performance glass and reliable construction at an affordable price. The ED lenses ensure that each wavelength of light is kept in balance with all the others to provide an image which is true-to-life. They are also useful in lowlight situations helping you to pick out details in subjects in dense brush even at dawn and dusk. They stand up well against the much more expensive European and higher end Japanese manufactured binoculars at a fraction of their cost - a real value!




    Granite Binoculars feature ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass, delivering edge-to-edge sharpness with excellent color correction and razor sharp images while virtually eliminating chromatic aberration. Coupled with fully broadband multi-coatings the optical design delivers crisp, high contrast images with accurate color reproduction for unrivaled image quality superior to standard optical glass.




    The Phase Coated Prisms correct out-of-phase shifts of light rays to ensure maximum contrast while providing superb natural color fidelity and vivid color saturation. High grade BaK-4 prism glass renders sharp images and the reflectivity coatings increases the throughput transmission to provide bright images that are rich in detail.




    State-of-the-art modern open frame style provides an excellent grip and is comfortable to handle (even single handed) with the reduced weight. The body is made of magnesium alloy which is lighter than aluminum, and more rugged and tough for handling in any environment. They are a mid-sized binocular, perfect for travel because of their weight and small form factor yet are packed with features that match up well optically, mechanically and ergonomically with binoculars costing two to five times as much.


    Metal Twist Up Eyecups: More durable and a longer life than plastic eyecups. Less susceptible to breaking. Twist-up eyecup for correct positioning of the users eyes for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.


    Waterproof construction provides peace of mind when unexpected weather rolls in. The housing is also filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the internal lenses from fogging when moving between extreme temperatures or when using the binocular in damp conditions.




    Tehnilised andmed
    Objektiivi kate Faasikate, täielik mitmekihiline
    Silmaosa korgid Pööratav
    Objektiivi diameeter (mm): 50
    Optilised näitajad
    Optiline disain: Roof
    Suurendus: 12 x
    Silma reljeef (mm): 15,0
    Väljuv pupill (mm): 4,2
    Maksimaalne pupillidevaheline kaugus (mm): 73
    Minimaalne pupillidevaheline kaugus (mm): 56
    Teravustamine: Keskne fokuseerimine
    Klaasi materjal: Bak-4, ED
    Hämarustegur: 20,5
    Lähifookuse piir (m) 3,5
    Tegelik vaateväli (°) 5,3
    Vaateväli 1,000 m kaugusel (m): 93
    Valguse intensiivsus: 17,6
    Kaitsekott Jah
    Pritsmekindel Jah
    Silmaosad prillikandjatele Jah
    Strap fitting: Loops ühenduspesa, lai
    Veekindel: Jah
    Värv Must
    Seeria: Granite
    Kaal (kg): 0.785
    Jaht: Väga hea
    Linnuvaatlus: Väga hea
    Matkamine Väga hea
    Purjetamine: Keskel
    Reisimine Väga hea
    Sport Väga hea
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