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  • Bresser Wave 8x42 binokkel

    • Tootja: Bresser
    • Mudel: 1330842
    • Saadavus: Läbi müüdud
    Garantija 2 gadi


    Toode on hetkel laost otsas, kuid võtke meiega julgelt ühendust, et saada infot täpse saatmise kuupäeva kohta!

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    See the world up-close with the BRESSER Wave 8x42 binoculars. Whether you’re walking in the mountains, observing the Eifel tower or watching a sports event, these all-round binoculars are guaranteed to provide the perfect view in all types of situations. Thanks to the 8x zoom, objects that are 800 metres away appear as if they are only 100 m in front of you. This is an optimal zoom level, as larger magnifications reduce the field of view. The Wave 8x42 binoculars provide an optimal field of view of 113 m at a distance of 1000 m - giving you a greater overview of the surroundings than at 10x or 12x magnification. This is ideal for observing birds of other moving objects.

    Wave 8x42 binoculars - Consistently clear image

    The compact roof prism binoculars feature a 42 mm lens that lets in sufficient light, allowing you to carry on observing until twilight. The full multi-layer coating significantly reduces reflection and increases the light transmission by up to 95%. The premium BaK-4 glass material (barium crown glass) ensures a detailed image with high colour fidelity. Another highlight is the UR coating on the prism, which produces a bright and clear image. This makes the binoculars particularly suited to challenging light conditions and bad weather.

    Clear image - with or without glasses

    Marvel at cute forest dwellers at twilight, view a famous building from an observation platform, or watch your favourite athlete in a competition - with these binoculars, glasses wearers can also get a close-up view of thrilling scenes. The twist-up eyecups allow you to easily adjust the distance between the ocular lenses and your eyes. Together with the longer eye relief of the LE eyepieces, this ensures that the entire field of view is visible through glasses. In addition, the dioptre adjustment allows you to quickly compensate for differences in vision between your left and right eyes.

    Go on a journey of discovery with the Wave 8x42 binoculars

    If you enjoy being out and about and making new discoveries, these sturdy 8x42 binoculars are the perfect companion. The binoculars feature a carry strap for hanging around your neck. They also have a robust central focusing wheel made of metal, which allows you to bring the image into focus when you discover something new. In addition, the binoculars are filled with inert gas to prevent the lenses from fogging up. Thanks to the waterproof housing, you don’t need to worry about fog and rain damaging the optics. When you want to observe animals or the landscape from a fixed position, simply secure the binoculars to a tripod via the tripod connection thread. When you have finished using the binoculars, you can store them safely in the supplied nylon case, which features a hook-and-loop fastener to give you quick access when you come across something exciting.

    See the world 8 times bigger - with the BRESSER Wave 8x42 binoculars!


    • All-round binoculars for crystal-clear observations until twilight
    • Magnification: 8x
    • Lens diameter: 42 mm
    • Prism and lens system made from premium BaK-4 glass material
    • Full multi-layer coating on optical surfaces
    • UR coating on the prism for brighter images
    • Robust central focusing wheel made of metal
    • Dioptre adjustment
    • Twist-up eyecups
    • LE eyepieces for optimal observations with glasses
    • Waterproof
    • Charged with inert gas


    • Binoculars
    • Carry strap
    • Nylon case
    • Protective lens cap
    • Protective eyepiece cap


    Optilised näitajad
    Optiline disain: Roof
    Suurendus: 8 x
    Minimaalne fokusseerimiskaugus (m): 3.5
    Objektiivi läbimõõt (mm): 42
    Silma reljeef (mm): 18.2
    Optical coatings: Täielik, mitmik
    Teravustamine: Keskne teravustamine
    Klaasi materjal: BaK-4
    Hämarustegur: 18.33
    Tegelik vaateväli (°) 6.46
    Vaateväli 1,000 m kaugusel (m): 113
    Valguse intensiivsus: 27.56
    Keermestatud kolmjala ühendus Jah
    Pritsmekindel Jah
    Silmaosad prillikandjatele Jah
    Veekindel: Jah
    Mõõdud, (mm): 143 x 122 x 54
    Värv Hall
    Seeria: Wave
    Korpuse materjal: Metall/plast
    Kaal (kg): 0.580
    Garantii: 2 aastat
    Kehakaitsmed: Kumm/metall
    Komplektis olev lisavarustus
    Kandekott: Jah
    Kanderihm: Jah
    Protective lens caps: Jah
    Protective eyepiece caps: Jah
    Astronoomia: Hea
    Jaht: Väga hea
    Linnuvaatlus: Väga hea
    Looduse vaatlemine: Väga hea
    Matkamine Väga hea
    Purjetamine: Hea
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