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Omegon T-2 kuni 1.25 adapter

This 1.25” adapter allows you to easily connect T-2 accessories to a 1.25” focuser. Its pa..

18.90€ Maksudeta: 15.62€

Sky-Watcher L-bracket

L-bracket for mounting DSLR's, Video Cameras, Spotting Scopes etc via a standard 1/4-20 screw attach..

30.00€ Maksudeta: 24.79€

OVL 2" T-ring adapter

Designed for use in telescopes with 2" focusers. Threaded to accept standard photographic T-Mounts. ..

32.00€ Maksudeta: 26.45€

Celestron 1.25" universal Barlow and T-adapter

This 1.25” accessory can be used three ways: as a 2X Barlow for visual use, as a..

37.00€ Maksudeta: 30.58€

Bresser universaalne nutitelefoni adapter

Take photos with your smartphone through your spotting scope, microscope or telescope. It’s a child'..

47.00€ Maksudeta: 38.84€

Universaalne digikaamera adapter 28-45 mm

Universal Digiscoping Adapter - 28 - 45mmAllows connection of a consumer digital camera to any spott..

49.00€ Maksudeta: 40.50€

Omegon Cam-Tel adapter

Omegon Camera Adapter, 1.25”- An adapter for focal plane and eyepiece projection imagingThis camera ..

50.00€ Maksudeta: 41.32€

Celestron NexYZ 3-teljeline universaalne nutitelefoni adapter

“US and International Patents Pending”NexYZ fits any eyepiece from 35 mm to 60 mm in diameter i..

63.00€ Maksudeta: 52.07€

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