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  • Omegoni T2-rõngas Minolta AF ja Sony A-Mount kaamerate jaoks

    • Tootja: Omegon
    • Mudel: 33222
    • Saadavus: Laos
    Garantija 2 gadi


    Omegon T-2 ring for Minolta AF - basic adapter for bayonet to T2 thread

    This Omegon T-ring lets you adapt the bayonet of your SLR camera to the T-2 thread used as a standard fitting in amateur astronomy. There are a large range of adapters that use it.


    What do I need to connect my camera to the telescope?

    First, remove the lens from your camera. Then attach this T-2 ring onto the bayonet fitting. You will then see a T-2 female thread, to which you can connect virtually any astronomical adapter.


    You can connect, for example, a T-2 camera adapter (item 1250) or a focal reducer. These adapters have a T-2 male thread and fit directly onto your T-ring.

    This combination fits directly onto the focuser of your telescope - firmly attaching your camera to the telescope.


    The advantages in a nutshell:

    • T-2 ring from the camera bayonet to T-2
    • base ring for connecting an SLR camera to a telescope
    • connect any T-2 adapter to this ring
    Ühendus (teleskoobi): T2
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