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  • Observatoorium Sirius 2.3m Home Model with walls

    Garantija 2 gadi


    The 2.3m Observatory is suitable if you have a 14" SC- or RC-Telescope. With sufficiently place for an instrument and two to three persons the Home model is particularly meant for ambitionierte amateurs, is suitable however perhaps even for smaller associations. The Home-Model is not motorised, motorisation for dome rotation and/or shutters is optional available.


    • Total height:    2.83m
    • Wall height:    1.5m
    • Dome diameter:    2.3m
    • Aperture width:    0.6m
    • Aperture length (to Zenit):    250mm
    • Wind speed:    144km/h
    • Door size:    1.15m × 0.8m

    Observatory with walls, Race and attachment ring for existing foundation.

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