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Bresser immersion oil

The immersion oil is used as a medium to get focus with a 100x oil objective. Without this..

6.90€ Maksudeta: 5.70€

Baader Optical Wonder puhastuslapp

A cleaning cloth made from super microfibre which cleans, e.g. dirty eyepieces, without scratching!2..

10.00€ Maksudeta: 8.26€

Omegon SPUDZ puhastuslapp

What is Spudz?Spudz is an amazing product that will keep your lenses clean and scratch-free. What ma..

11.90€ Maksudeta: 9.83€

Baader Optical Wonder komplekt (puhastusvahend ja lapp)

Optical Wonder™ – the best Cleaning Fluid we have tested in 50 years of service.Consist of 100m..

18.50€ Maksudeta: 15.29€

Celestron Lens Pen

LensPen Optics Cleaning ToolKeep your optics clean with the innovative LensPen.Use the soft retracta..

19.00€ Maksudeta: 15.70€

Omegon "5- in- 1" optics cleaning set

The 5-in-1 optics cleaning kit allows you to gently, yet very effectively, clean your optical surfac..

20.00€ Maksudeta: 16.53€

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