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National Geographic Pop-Up 3x suurendusklaas

This is a small, easy-to-handle magnifier with lens dimensions of 35x40 mm and a magnification of 3x..

10.90€ Maksudeta: 9.01€

National Geographic suurendusklaas

The NATIONAL GEORAPHIC 2in1 magnifier can be transformed easily from a handheld magnifier into ..

10.90€ Maksudeta: 9.01€

Bresser Optus LED 2x/4x suurendusklaas

Optus Clamp magnifier 2x/4x. Technical information - magnification 4x (small lenses, 20mm)..

15.99€ Maksudeta: 13.21€

National Geographic 5x cup magnifier

Your new XXL Cup Manifier is the perfect companion for every adventure!Just unscrew the li..

16.00€ Maksudeta: 13.22€

Bresser 60x-100x käsimikroskoop

Selle praktilise käsimikroskoobiga on võimalik objekte suurendada kuni 100x. Hele valgustus ja kaa..

16.50€ Maksudeta: 13.64€

Bresser 1.5x/4x 100mm suurendusklaas

Practical magnifier with illumination and lanyard. Just hang the magnifier around the neck and you h..

17.00€ Maksudeta: 14.05€

Bresser LED 2,5x 55 suurendusklaas

This top-quality LED Magnifying Glass features very bright LED illumination for ..

20.00€ Maksudeta: 16.53€

Bresser LED 2.5x/4x 85mm suurendusklaas

This  illuminated magnifying glass in the elegant design is a universal companion in the field ..

20.00€ Maksudeta: 16.53€

Bresser TM mikroskoop

The BRESSER TM 60-100x 145 is a pocket microscope with high-performance optics and with a built..

23.90€ Maksudeta: 19.75€

Bresser 2x/4x abikäsi, LED-valgustusega luup

This clamp magnifier is the perfect tool for handycraft or precision work. Whether for sol..

27.00€ Maksudeta: 22.31€

Eschenbach 50 mm suurendusklaas

The timeless classic folding magnifier: Uses: the practical magnifier for on the go; fits in any poc..

27.90€ Maksudeta: 23.06€

Bresser LED 2,5x 85 mm suurendusklaas

This top-quality LED magnifying glass features very bright LED illumination ..

28.00€ Maksudeta: 23.14€

Celestron Ambassador magnifier set

You want functionality and style? This contains two brass-and-mahogany-style magnifying glasses th..

62.00€ Maksudeta: 51.24€

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