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  • Helios Star Field 2x40 binokkel

    • Tootja: Helios
    • Mudel: 30999
    • Saadavus: Laos
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Optilised näitajad
    Optiline disain: Galilean
    Suurendus: 2 x
    Vaateväli (kraadi): 24
    Minimaalne fokusseerimiskaugus (m): 2
    Objektiivi läbimõõt (mm): 40
    Silma reljeef (mm): 10
    Dioptri reguleerimine (dptr): -5 / +3
    Maksimaalne pupillidevaheline kaugus (mm): 72
    Minimaalne pupillidevaheline kaugus (mm): 56
    Optical coatings: Täielik, mitmik
    Mõõdud, (mm): 122 x 49 x 38
    Seeria: Star Field
    Materjal Alumiinium
    Kaal (kg): 0.189
    Garantii: 2 aastat
    Komplektis olev lisavarustus
    Kandekott: Jah
    Kasutusjuhend: Jah
    Kaelarihm: Jah
    Astronoomia: Väga hea
    Jaht: Ei soovitata
    Linnuvaatlus: Ei soovitata
    Purjetamine: Ei soovitata
    Teater Hea

    The Helios Star Field binocular is a compact instrument based on a modified Galilean optical system design and is a useful and fun addition to any astronomer’s toolkit, bridging the gap between naked eye astronomy and more traditional binocular astronomy. With its super-wide field of view and low 2x magnification, the viewing experience is more akin to naked eye astronomy but with twice the magnifying power and about four times the light gathering ability than the naked eye alone. As a result so many more stars suddenly become visible, giving the user the feeling of having super enhanced vision. Viewing under clear dark skies is especially rewarding. Stars of magnitudes of between one and two times darker can be revealed. Ideal for viewing the Milky Way, open star clusters and constellations. The field is wide enough for most constellations to be captured in their entirety.
    The optics are fully multi-coated and the large eye lenses make for comfortable viewing. The binocular features individual eyepiece focusing and the images delivered are upright and fully corrected. Robustly constructed CNC machined aluminium body. The Helios Star Field binocular is also suitable for use as Theatre/Opera glasses. Supplied with neck strap and semi-hard zipped case.


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