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  • Celestron Travel Scope 70 ”Päikesesüsteemi väljaanne” teleskoop

    • Tootja: Celestron
    • Mudel: 822035S
    • Saadavus: 1 - 2 nädalat
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Tüüp: Refraktor
    Optiline disain: Akromaatiline
    Pealäätse läbimõõt (mm): 70
    Suhteline ava: 5,7
    Fookuskaugus (mm): 400
    Fookussuhe: f/5,71
    Soovituslik suurim suurendus: 168 x
    Min kasulik suurendus: 10 x
    Valgusjõud: 100 x
    Lahutusvõime: 1.64
    Vähim nähtav tähesuurus (mag): 11.7
    Teravustaja: 1.25" Gear rack
    Tüüp: Asimuutprojektsioon
    Optiline disain: AZ-Mini
    Suunamissüsteem: Ei
    Jälgimine: Ei
    Materjal: Alumiinium
    Tüüp: Statiiv
    Seeria: Travel Scope
    Kaal (kg): 1.5
    Garantii: 2 aastat
    Komplektis olev lisavarustus
    1.25'' okulaarid: 20 mm; 10 mm
    Otsimisobjektiiv: 5x24
    Lapsed: Jah
    Algajatele: Jah
    Kesktaseme: Ei soovitata
    Edasijõudnud: Ei
    Looduse vaatlemine: Jah
    Kuu / Planeedid: Jah
    Udukogud & galaktikad Ei
    Astrofotograafia jaoks: Ei
    Päike: Jah

    Thanks to it´s liteweight backpack, the Celestron Travelscope 70 performs as a great little travel companion. A 45 degree erecting Prism is just the right choice for delivering all terrestrial and celestial action entirely in correct image orientation and in a comfortable viewing position. The basic outfit also includes a collapsible, aluminum legged-tripod. 20 mm and 10mm eyepieces supply two basic magnifications (20x and 40x).

    This scope of supply is is fully apt to observe the surrounding landscape during the day, to see the moon with its craters in stunning detail, to identify the most prominent deep sky objects such as globular clusters, the M31 Andromeda-Galaxy, the M2 Orion-Nebula and many more. The high range of magnifications makes this combo very well suited for planetary observation of Jupiter and Saturn – the rings of Saturn are a spectacular sight. But the best sight is the price for all this:  € 115.-

    Solar System Edition

    In addition to the goodies above, the best is yet to come. Two most important accessories make this traveling telescope truly irresistable:

    1. The Baader Solar Filter ASSF 80, equipped with genuine Astrosolar® Safety Film 5.0 at a unit value of EUR 49. Makes the telescope a fun, to start astronomy in bright daylight, observing sunspots andget a glimpse of the underlying solar granulation. The ASSF is the first and only solar filter featuring a set of safety straps supplied to securely fasten the filter onto the front end of this telescope. Solar observation in complete safety – that is the prime goal in this case. It changes the game of daytime observation to have a filter securely mounted onto the telescope. No bad feeling any more resting in the back of your mind when thinking about the incredible amount of energy entering into the eye when using unsafe mounting options as a solar filter.
    2. 4 mm Celestron eyepiece at a value of EUR 23.- offering 100x magnification and perfectly completing the eyepiece line and available magnifications. With this you can really see the famous four “galileian moons” never ending circling around Jupiter – as well as Jupiter´s atmospheric belts, the handle-shaped rings around Saturn, the waxing and vaning shape of Venus as well as the white caps of the Martian poles.

    Start your journey into space from here. Get a fully equipped giant observation tool for Day&Night exploration  – and a tele-lens for your smart phone as well.

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