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  • Bresser MikroCam SP 1.3 mikroskoobikaamera

    • Tootja: Bresser
    • Mudel: 5914131
    • Saadavus: 1 - 2 nädalat
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Anduri tüüp: CMOS
    Liidesed: USB 2.0
    Megapiksel: 1.3
    Resolutsioon Foto (Pixel): 1280 x 1024
    Video funktsiooni Jah
    Viideo resolutsioon (pikselid): 1280 x 1024
    Pikslite suurus: 3,6 x 3,6
    Video / photo format: AVI, MP4 / BMP, JPG, RAW
    Mõõdud, (mm): 37 x 58 x 58
    Värv Must
    Kaal (kg): 0.175

    The BRESSER MikroCam SP microscope cameras help to make photos and videos with a microscope very easy.

    The modern CMOS sensors  give brilliant colors with very low noise and is the perfect choice for any application where true natural colors are important. The included imaging software has multiple adjustments for the capture of still images and videos. The integrated measuring* routine allows for a measurementin the camera live image. The software can be operated in the following languages: German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese. The camera housing includes the c-mount adapter thread. For use with 23,2mm adaptations, we recommend the optional, variable 0,5x reducer (item no. 5914005). For special applications the camera can also be mounted using the 1/4” camera tripod thread.

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